Spanish villa

“Is this it? This place is huge!”

I stepped into my home for the week, greeted by a grand entryway. This week I’m living in a beautiful Spanish villa near Barcelona. Each  I one has a name. This one’s name is Villa Catalina.

“Wait, have I been down this hallway yet? No, this is another section of the house.”

The number of rooms and hallways create a maze. It’s apparent this place wasn’t all built at once, and with each addition throughout the years brings more complexity to the layout. Doors, hallways, stairs. All over the place. A terrace here, a sitting room there. Another bedroom.

Built in the 18th century, the architecture is beautiful. Exactly what I expect from a Spanish villa. Beautiful stucco walls and stone arches. Terracotta tiles in the foyer and kitchen. And the furniture is covered in ornate wood carvings.

After 20 minutes of wandering through the house I think I’ve finally got my bearings. I set my luggage down to claim a bedroom.

Then proceed to get lost again looking for a terrace to sit and relax.


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